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4" 1/2 - OPTIQUE LED - CYRON - LED - Passing Lamp Harley, Integrated 4.5" 30W - ABIG4.5-A6K

211,98 € TTC

Réf : ZOD742198

Réf OEM : ABIG4.5-A6K

Cyron Lighting

Optiques LED pour passing lamps HD. La Paire

Optiques LEDs CREE supert lumineuses qui donnent 3 fois plus de lumière que les H3 commune. Elles des verres en polycarbonate anti UV résistants. Pour la plupart des spots et phares en 4 1/2" (11,4cm) et passing-lamps sur les Harleys et beaucoup d'autres motos. 

Integrated LED passing lamps with improved beam pattern for all road conditions. Matching color/beam to all Cyron LED headlights including ABH4-A6K retrofit bulb. his unit is a great upgrade for older style sealed beams. It will replace the entire glass+bulb combination. Powered with Cree LED chips.
Consult your motorcycle manual for type of bulb and the fittings. 1 year limited manufacturer warranty. Due to higher brightness of the LED bulb the headlight trim angle may need to be adjusted to avoid disturbing other drivers.
Fits all 4.5" Harley passing lamp spot lamps and most older sealed beam styles. Check the depth of the bucket on older bikes. Will not fit Victory 4.5" passing lamps. Please contact factory or local dealer for more information.
Operating voltage 10-30VDC
Socket H13 with mated pigtail wire for ease of serviceability
Peak LED power 30W, Cree
Nominal power 25W
2000 Lumens
980 Lux illuminance @ 10ft (for each light)
Bright white beam 6000K
Superior visibility in all road conditions
DIY installation
Installs in minutes on most compatible bikes
IP67 ingress waterproof rating
Shatterproof PC lens
Built-in ballast
One year manufacturer warranty