SELLE DUO - SOFTAIL FXLR / FLSB 18UP - SADDLEMEN - Profiler™ Tuck And Roll - Seat - NOIR

467,66 € TTC

Réf : D/08021284


Pour Softail FXLR, FLSB à partir de 2018. La Pièce

Profiler™ TR Seat
La série Profiler propose des selles duo low-profile ultimes
La technologie propriétaire GelCore™ de Saddlemen offre un confort inégalé
Le mélange unique de mousse à densité variable et de SaddleGel™ soulage la pression sur le coccyx et améliore la circulation
Style élancé, profilé mince et base conçue spécialement pour abaisser le pilote dans la position la plus basse possible
Réalisation tuck-n’-roll authentique, pas simplement un couture transversale , selle recouverte de cuir véritable pour un look audacieux
Fabrication aux États-Unis.
Matière de la housse SaddleHyde™
Matière du rembourrage SaddleGel
Longueur de la selle passager 28 cm (11")
Largeur de la selle pilote 29 cm (11-1/2")
Longueur de la selle pilote 38,5 cm (15-1/4")
Largeur de la selle passager 18,5 cm (7-1/4")
If two-up riding is how you like to spend your weekend, and you’re in need of the ultimate low-profile seat for two, then the Saddlemen’s Profiler-TTR is just what you need.
This addition to the Profiler series of saddles provides the ultimate low-profile seat for two. Made of genuine leather and featuring an old “Tijuana Tuck’n’Roll” style, the Profiler-TTR is sure to turn heads. This is not a quickly done, cross-stitch inseam meant to look something like the classic. This IS the classic.
This seat features narrow styling, a thin profile and low riding height. The specially designed base allows the seat to drop down into the bike for the lowest riding position possible.
The Profiler-TTR features one of Saddlemen’s greatest contributions to motorcycle comfort technology- SaddleGel. SaddleGel uses an exclusive formulation developed to provide superior cushioning that’s especially beneficial for thinner seats where foam alone just isn’t sufficient enough to provide the maximum amount of comfort for long rides.
Gel-Core technology is engineered to dampen, divert, and deflect energy from the road. This technique combines a specially formulated polymer known as SaddleGel with the latest co-molding comfort technology foam to reduce engine vibration and the effects it has on your body while riding.
Scientifically engineered AND proven to increase the amount of time you’re able to spend on your motorcycle. The SaddleGel can also conform to all body shapes, sizes and it contours to reduce pressure points and eliminate those dreaded hot spots. This combination reduces tailbone and hipbone pressure. Each seat has been meticulously shaped and ride-tested for comfort and control issues that haunt the motorcycle’s original stock seat.
Instructions are a breeze and you’ll have your seat installed in just 5 easy steps. If you’re looking for a quality seat that’s made right here in the USA at an affordable price, pick up the Saddlemen Profiler-TTR today!