Vous trouverez ci-dessous les lunettes "KD'S" 

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Le style caractéristique de ces lunettes remonte aux années ’50 et des Harleyistes du monde entier en ont fait le #1 parmi toutes les lunettes de soleil biker. Avec des branches et des plaquettes bien ajustées, elles sont agréables à porter, protègent les yeux et ont l’air cool. Les KD’s sont de vrais poids plumes et les branches fines assurent un champ de vision optimal tout en se glissant facilement sous le casque. La solide monture en polycarbonate les rend robustes, ce qui se remarque aussi dans les branches renforcées de fil de fer et les charnières métalliques. Tous les verres sont faits de polycarbonate et répondent aux exigences ANSI Z80.3 pour la protection UVA/UVB et les chocs.

Yes, the sunglasses that Jax Teller and other Sons of Anarchy club members wear are The Original KD's®, made by Pacific Coast Sunglasses, Inc. KD's are The Original Biker Shades®. The Sons of Anarchy TV show chose our sunglasses because nothing screams biker like The Original KD's. KD's are the #1 Selling Biker Sunglass in the World and THE motorcycle riding glasses that bikers everywhere ask for by name. This little black framed sunglass has been extremely popular with bikers for over 60 years because they stay on your head and keep the wind out of your eyes by fitting tightly on the temples and nosebridge. And most importantly, KD sunglasses look cool. For those searching for polarized sunglasses you will be happy to know that we offer KD's with a polarized grey lens (#2019) as well as a lot of other color lenses. And by the way, KD's aren't just sunglasses for men; women love the performance, style and variety of lens colors KD's offer.
Bikers made them famous, but everyone loves The Original KD's®.

Harley riders have worn The Original KD's since the 1950's making them the #1 selling biker sunglass in the world. KD's are lightweight, have long slim arms for better peripheral vision, and fit comfortably under a helmet. The Original KD’s have a die-hard following that help to make them wildly popular with the motorcycle cycle crowd and beyond. The ultra-strong polycarbonate frame makes it one of the most durable sunglasses on the market. All lenses meet ANSI Z80.3 general purpose UV requirements.