Kit rigide à souder - SPORTSTER 1979 / 1981

474,24 € TTC

Réf : V/51-0982


Pour cadre de Sportster de 1979 à 1981 avec frein à disques. A souder. La pièce


Tubing Diameter: 1.023" Thickness Of Tubing: 0.182" Width Between Axle: 10-3/4"

VT No: 51-0982
Weld on hardtail with weld on bracket for stock frames with disc brake.
The adjuster block are on the outside of the rear axle plate and are threaded to accept the axle adjuster kit. This hardtail accepts 3/4" axle. Top seat plate is included but must be welded on by customer or fabricator. Custom application on 1979-1981 XL. Order battery carrier, rear belt, axle, 2000-up caliper, caliper mount, exhaust bracket and hardware separately.
XL 1979-1981