ECLATE G - PIECE N° 33 - CACHES CULBUTEURS - OEM 90-36 / 91-36 / 91-41 / 17300-36 / 17310-41 - ALU BRUT

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Réf : V/49-1286

Pour Knucklehead EL de 1936. Le kit
Knucklehead rocker box set features a natural cast finish, as the original.
Rocker boxers are machined to accept original retaining rings. V-Twin #49-1793, Knucklehead rocker box rings, are available separately. Accepts the early valve cover cup set and features machined snap ring grooves for the appropriate seal kit, available separately. Set is cast with new V-twin MFG exclusive tooling. *NOTE: Fropnt rocker box does not have a hole for air bleeder.
More Information
EL 1936-1936
Suggested to use with #49-1336 Knucklehead Rocker Box Seal Kit.
Required to use with #14-0455 V-Twin Tappet Guide O-Ring.
Required to use with #49-1793 Knucklehead Rocker Box Retaining Ring.