761,44 € TTC

846,05 € TTC


Réf : MCS915606

Réf OEM : 6220


Pour Softail de 1986 à 2006. Diametre 2 1/2" avec pare chaleur intégraux. Fabriqué aux USA. Le kit.

Cet Echappement demande de déplacer les supports de reposes pieds passager d'origine, et de commander séparément de nouveaux supports :

Pour Softail 86/11 : MCS915608

Pour Softail Rocker 08/11 : MCS915609

Echappement non homologué en France.

Modèles et années indiqués sous réserve de mise à jour.

• Swept Speedsters feature full-length 2.5-inch heat shields finished off with slash cut ends

• And they come with Cobra's limited Lifetime Warranty

• The Swept Speedsters are an all-new design from Cobra

• With a graceful radius that begins behind the rear cylinder and then continues to the rear axle area where the tips end, the pipes provide the correct proportional look to the bike

• The removable baffles work to keep the sound levels within socially responsible levels

• The ends of the pipes feature a radial slash design, almost a curling wave of metal

• But it's the PowerPort that makes this exhaust system more than a cosmetic or acoustic upgrade

• The PowerPort connects the front and rear headpipes to promote superior exhaust scavenging

• The result is improved torque and overall power (much like you would expect to achieve from a performance 2-into-1 system) from the time-honored 2-into-2 design

• New swept speedster with long lean lines

• Power port for maximum power increases

(1) Front exhaust headpipe/heatshield assembly
(1) Rear exhaust headpipe/heatshield assembly
(1) Muffler assembly
(1) Exhaust mount bracket
(4) Clamps HS-24
(2) Clamps HS-28
(2) Clamps 27-61 MSC
(2) Hexhead bolt 5/16-18 x 5/8"
(2) Hexhead bolt 3/8 x 3/4"