189,85 € TTC

Réf : D/20200492

Réf OEM : 05-49-3B

Joker Machine
Pour tubes de fourche de 49mm. La Paire
Non homologué - Un Equaliser peut être nécessaire en fonction des modèles de moto. Fabriqué en aluminium bilet 6061-T6. Comprend un éclairage à 4 leds, incliné à 25°. Ce clignotants ne comportent pas de colliers "ouvert" et s'enfilent sur les tubes. Il est donc nécessaire de desserrer les vis de serrage de tés de fourche, de coulisser les tubes vers le bas afin d'insérer les clignotants. Remonter l'ensemble et serrer les vis de blocage au couple préconisé par le constructeur. Fil rouge = positif + / Fil noir = négatif -.
A new twist on Joker's classic fork mount turn signal/marker lights
We upgraded our fork mount turn signal/marker lights with a super-bright LED pod for more visibility
Made from 6061 T-6 billet aluminum, then polished and chrome-plated or black anodized
Comes with amber LED pod lights
LED pod lights are angled 25 degrees to accommodate the rake of the forks
Available for 39mm, 41mm and 49mm fork tubes
Sold in pairs
Made in the U.S.A.
NOTE: If being used as a turn signal a load equalizer is required.
Fork Mount Turn Signal/Marker Light Installation
This assembly comes with single function L.E.D. lights. Depending on the year of the bike and what functions you want the lights to have, you might have to use a load equalizer or dual function converter module (typically called Intensifiers).
Please call Joker Machine if needed.
Lift bike on a bike stand until the front wheel is off the ground. Once that is done you can lower the fork tubes enough to install the lights.
Loosen upper and lower triple clamp pinch bolts on fork legs. Slide fork tube down far enough to slide lights onto fork tubes. Raise fork tubes back up and torque to factory spec. 30' - 35' lbs.
Place lights in desired location and tighten mounting bolts using BLUE LOCTITE or any medium strength thread locker.
For cleanest installation figure out how much heat shrink is need and slide over wires before soldering or connecting. 
Wire bike as necessary. Red wire is POWER (+), Black wire is GROUND (-)