46,95 € TTC

Réf : 75254-04A

Harley Davidson

Pour Softail de 2008 à 2017, Dyna de 2004 à 2017, V-Rod de 2007 à 2017, Touring à partir de 2008. La pièce


Fuel pump strainers act as a first line of defense against fuel system contamination. Strainers filter out common contaminants found in gasoline such as dirt, dust and other particulate matter, as well as gasoline varnish. Quantum fuel pump strainers feature multiple layers of strainer media to filter progressively smaller particle sizes. The expanded surface area provides enhanced filtration, extending the life of the fuel pump. 

Restricted fuel flow through a clogged strainer causes the fuel pump to work harder, reducing pump longevity. Strainer clogging is among the top causes of fuel pump failure making it important to replace your strainer regularly - before problems arise. We recommend replacing fuel pump strainers in powersports applications once a year as part of a preventative maintenance plan.

- Délai de livraison : 2 à 8 semaines

Features & Benefits:-

* Meets or exceeds O.E.M. specifications

* Periodic replacement ensures top performance

* Replaces OEM # 75290-08 & 75254-04A